A Cottage Wedding Preview

Gabrielle and Steven's wedding was held in a quaint stone cottage on a cool fall afternoon. The venue was nestled in the forest overlooking a lake and was simply gorgeous. This wedding was quite moving and had some of the BEST food!

Photography by Underpin Photography

Rebekah and Reagan

Photography by Underpin Photography 

Shaina and Logan

Shaina and Logan had a small late afternoon wedding outside. It was warm, intimate and totally beautiful. The couple was so relaxed and everyone was touched by their genuine love that was radiating towards eachother.

Photography by Dear Ghosts Photography

A Summer Wedding

Natasha and Mason's wedding was truly magical. The weather was perfect, the sun was just setting around ceremony time and everyone was filled with excitement. The reception was concert style and several friends played original songs. It was the perfect summer wedding!

 Photography by StevenMichaelPhoto

Justin and Naomi

Justin and Naomi's wedding truly was a grand production. With custom video, lighting, and special music written for the ceremony. It was quite the experience and everyone left feeling like they were apart of the couple's story.

Custom light poles with flower petals lined the aisle way

Photography by Underpin Photography

Kaitlyn and Micah

Kaitlyn and Micah had a lovely wedding in a church that felt more like an arts space. There wedding was one of a kind and so very fun. The amazing food and jazzy music was a perfect set up for a wondrous evening!

A hanging installation vreated specially for the couple 

Photography by Underpin Photography