Bethany and Jules!

Jules and Bethany wed in a great local venue The Arts Incubator. They had both ceremony and reception in the facility and guests where served coffee and tea before the wedding started. Bethany and Jules wedding was a beautiful experience for everyone lucky enough to be a part.

Custom built lounge furniture for the Bridal Suite

Natural branches and lights hung from the ceiling
Custom paper altar

Groomsmen wore custom made boutonnières 

Photography by Scott Townsley


  1. That custom paper altar brings a tear to my eye because it is so amazing! I've been trying to come up with some idea that will bring a little extra something to my (also brick exposed) venue that isn't too altar-y. Is there anyway you can give me a brief idea about how you made such amazingness!?

    Thank you!

    -Kerissa Freeberg

  2. I absolutely love the gorgeous paper chandelier. Could you please give some tips on how to recreate this?

    Thank you!!!